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Stringed Instruments

Factory 2nd Guitar and Bass (Fender, Epiphone ETC.....)

Ovation Acoustic (Applause)
Takamine Acoustics (Jasmine)
Hilo Ukulele & Baritone
Vintage Instruments:
Martin, Gibson, Fender,
Heritage, Epiphone 

Amps & Pedals

Roland Amps - Guitar & Bass
Boss Pedals
Vintage Used Amps & Pedals: 
Marshall, Fender, Crate, Peavey
MXR Pedals
Route 66 Pedals
Danelectro Pedals
Dunlop Wahs
Warwick Bass Amps

Drums & Parts

Drum Parts:
Pedals, Stands, Thrones
Evan Heads
Remo Heads
Pro Mark Sticks
Vater Sticks
Vic Firth Sticks
Latin Percussion
Stagg Drum Cases & Bags
Tambourines, Bongos, Shakers
Toca Drums
Zildjian Cymbals
Sabian Cymbals
Sound off Kits
CB Beginner Drum Sets
Gretsch - NightHawk Drums

Strings and Things

Planet Wave
Horizon Cables
Retro Parts
Pickcards for your wallet
Elixir Strings
Martin Strings
D'Addario Strings
GHS Strings
Red Label Violin Strings
Fender Strings
Martin Mandolin Strings
Martin Ukulele Strings
Elixir Banjo Strings
Korg Metronomes & Tuners
Hal Leonard Books (Sheet Music)
Santorella Books (Sheet Music)
Levy Guitar & Bass Straps
Stephi Straps
Vocal Eze
1 Spot Cables
Schaller Strap Locks
Hercules Stands
Ultra Guitar Stands
Shure Microphones
Dunlop Slides & Capos
Planet Wave Straps
Rico Reeds

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