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The Band program

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The Stage Room is hands down the best practice space on Cape Cod

Performances in the Stage Room


Perform for you friends and family in the Stage Room

About the band program


What is the Band Program?

The Band Program is not just about bringing people together to form a band. It's about going to the next level of your musical journey. Having a guiding hand from a professional to navigate that next level. Practicing in a space that is comfortable, set up right, with professional gear. A temperature controlled space.  Having a set day and time to practice with your band mates. It's about working as a team. Learn the song on your own or at your private lesson, then practice that song with the band. Learn a few songs as a band then Mark's Music will set up a "gig" here in the Stage Room or at a public event. Mark's Music sponsors open mics at various venues on Cape Cod. We also set up "gigs" with the different towns in the area. It's a lot of fun :)

Is the band program just for kids?

The band program is for everyone! All ages. If you can play a song all the way thru. Your ready to join a band.

When does the band meet?

Band practice is once a week for one hour. Some bands choose to book two hours. All band practices are held in The Stage Room with Mark as your instructor. The day and time will be determined by all the band members and Mark's schedule. 

How much does it cost?

Each band member pays for a block of four one hour time slots ( $80 ) Every four weeks. It works out to be $20 an hour per person in the Stage Room. There are no make up band practices. If you do not show up for band practice and the rest of the band is in the Stage Room practicing, you are still charged. No matter the reason. This is to ensure that you understand it is not about you, it is about the band. There is no charge for any "gig".  Payment is due before the first band practice. Payment can be made by cash, check (Made out to Mark's Music) or credit / debit card. If payment is not received on the last band practice  of the block, the students position in the band  will be filled by another student. Band payment is non-transferable to merchandise in the Mark's Music store. At the end of your block you will need to pay for the next block on that last band practice. This will secure your time slot. We do not refund band practice payment once the practices have been booked for the Stage Room. 

Student Registration

You will need to come into Mark's Music to fill out a student registration form to sign up for the band program.